Last Week of Class

Monday night, CEA took us to a going away dinner. We went to a couscous restaurant that served family style. We got unlimited couscous and vegetables, and got to order a meat. After the main course, we picked from two huge plates of desserts, and got a glass of hot mint tea.

There is a chocolate shop that I’ve been to a couple of times this week. The first time, I got a flower pot that had a combination of white, milk, and dark chocolates and also has some candies hidden under the “soil”. The second time, Katie and I got little Eiffel Towers and a chocolate block that says “Merci” to give to our landlord. Our landlord can’t speak English, but has been very kind and helpful to us while we’ve been here.

Today (Wednesday) for comms, our professor took us to the 104, which is basically just a big building for the arts and “la culture”. There was an art exhibition going on, a concert being set up, dancers practicing, a juggler, a bunch of chairs, some cafes, and many other things. My favorite part was the photo-booth. It was very old. We were

unprepared for the first few pictures, but eventually got the hang of it. This evening, we’ve spent hours studying for our calculus final. We take the final tomorrow, and are then free for a day and a half before we come home.


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